Don't let the fear of needles turn you away. Acupuncture is safe, painless, cost-effective and chemical free. The needles are hair-thin, pin-like, sterile and disposable. Many say they receive a sensation throughout the body and feel quite relaxed during treatment. On its own or complementing other treatments, acupuncture not only heals your symptoms, but gets to the root cause of your issues. It is the best, most effective and natural way to restoring your health.

You will be given a personalised treatment of acupuncture and herbs suitable for your body based on symptoms you present with and health demands. Further on practitioners discretion and patients need base Yoga therapy, dietary recommendation, exercise, and lifestyle changes are suggested and incorporated. Suggestions are gentle and your needs can be accommodated.

To maintain a life of optimal health, we suggest regular treatments. At Beginning or by the end of 1st treatment practitioner will suggest you number of treatments and combination of therapies which might suit your condition and body type. It's a combination of both Practitioner as well as patient that works best to facilitate healing.

Even though results are prominent with regular treatment but don't get disheartened if immediate results are not seen. Might work slow but, it's long lasting and highly effective.

Our experienced practitioners care deeply to learn all about you. Expect a thorough consultation upon your first visit where we talk about your current symptoms, past health and your future goals.

At your first appointment we do a consultation where a detailed intake of your health history is made, review certain physiological changes, diagnose based on question and answer, pulse taking, palpation, looking at tongue and a conversation about your body and habits. High preference is further given to mental health and every word you share matters to us towards providing you with better and effective treatment/solutions. So do not hesitate, as our attention is all yours during the entire course of treatment. Everything you share is highly confidential between you and clinic/practitioner. Your comfort and privacy is one of our top priority.

Initial Visit: (75-90 minutes)

Follow-Up Visit: (45-60 minutes)

All acupuncture visits include the use of adjunctive techniques (moxibustion, cupping, guasha, electro-acupuncture, tui na, dietary recommendations, sotai, yoga therapy) when determined appropriate by practitioners at no additional cost to the patient if patient signs up for one the package. There is no additional charge for herbal consultations with acupuncture treatments. The
cost of herbs, although, are not included and prices will vary depending on the formula(s) prescribed.

Please wear loose fitting clothes if possible, or bring a change of comfortable clothes with you. We often access points on the abdomen, lower arms and lower legs. Based on symptoms and body requirement we might need access to upper/middle/lower back, hips and upper legs too.

Make sure that you have had something to light to eat before your appointment. It is best to avoid highly caffeinated drinks/ carbonated drinks/Hard drinks prior to your appointment time.

Payment in full is required at the time of treatment or in advance. For your convenience, we accept
cash, GPay, direct Bank Transfer/ NEFT.

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to your appointment. You may leave a message or call at any time of day to cancel your appointment, and it will date and time stamp your call. If you are unable to cancel your appointment 24-hours in advance, a cancellation charge/fee may be applicable at Practitioners discretion.

Please do your best to arrive on time for your appointment. If you find that you are running late, please call the Wellness Center to let your practitioner know and we will do our best to accommodate you, depending on schedule availability.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal formulas have few if any side effects because a customised blend is made specific to your needs. As your health improves, your formula will change. Your body is not in a fixed state. The state that creates disease cannot be the same state that allows for healing to occur. The goal is to take the herbs to get your body on track and eventually once body harmonises and heals, won’t need them any longer.

In addition to receiving acupuncture treatment, your lifestyle and routine are important to your
healing process. After treatments:

  • Keep hydrated with warm or room-temperature fluids. Refrain from cold drinks and alcohol.
    Do not eat too much.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise, sexual activity, swimming or bathing (showers are OK) until the
    following day.
  • Plan on going to bed reasonably early so your body can rest and absorb the treatment

Because treatment is resetting your body, you may experience uncomfortable sensations after your treatment. Though not everyone experiences them, they are part of the healing process, and generally settle down within 24 hours. Please note any observable changes you experience between treatments, whether subtle or obvious, and report them at your next visit.