Dr. Loana.G Professor of Violin/ Viola, USA

It is my privilege to write in support of Dr. Anand Sanghavi, affirming that Dr. Sanghavi is a genius unique practitioner in the field of acupuncture. He has studied for many years Traditional Chinese Medicine, and treats his patients with a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian style of acupuncture along with other modalities like herbal therapy, kinesiology taping, Tui na, cupping, moxibustion. I am a professional violinist and have dealt with injuries for all my life. I have also witnessed colleagues and students getting injured because of the repetitive nature of our work and the significant amount of time we practice and perform every day of our lives. I met Dr. Sanghavi at the end of March 2019. On April 4th the same year I was scheduled to play as a soloist with South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. During the last week of March I developed a tip-of-the-nerve injury at one of my fingers in my left hand. Playing became impossible as I couldn't even lightly touch the finger because of the pain. I had the same type of injury back in 2012 and it took several months for the nerve to recover and for me to begin playing again. At the time I was treated with acupuncture by one of the best Chinese doctors who lived in Ohio. I went to the treatment with Dr. Sanghavi knowing that I will probably need a few months of break from playing and hoping to help my recovery gradually as I had in 2012. To my absolute delight I walked out of the treatment pain free and I was able to resume playing the next day. I followed his advice for treatment at home and came back two more times before the solo concert. I have seen Dr. Sanghavi often for several other issues: migraines, wrist injury overuse, fatigue, stress, and others. Everything was usually solved within one or two treatments. I am also an avid runner, especially for long distances. When I first met Dr. Sanghavi I had a chronic injury in my left knee, unrelated to running and yet preventing me from walking very well. Several physicians had told me to take ibuprofen and to continue running, as nothing was wrong with my knee. Yet, I was getting worse, so I had to stop even walking long distances, which decreased my quality of life. Dr. Sanghavi started a treatment that took several weeks and prescribed exercises and homemade poultices to use at home. I recovered completely and trained successfully for the Sioux Falls Marathon this summer under his supervision and care. I got to 17 miles long-runs without any hint of injury when the marathon was canceled. I have complete confidence that I will run it next season. Many of my colleagues and my students have been treated and cured by Dr. Sanghavi for acute or chronic injuries in only a few treatments after having spent thousands of dollars on surgeries, steroid and cortisol shots treatments among others. Dr. Sanghavi is a Medical genius amongst us and we all are lucky to have him.

Dr. S.Kraus Professor of Cello/Bass, Germany

I am writing this reference in support of Dr. Anand Sanghavi. He has been treating me since March 2019 and has helped me through various health problems. Mr. Sanghavi has a gift of diagnosing a problem and treating it through acupuncture, cupping, massage as well as nutrition recommendations. His medical approach is very holistic. He takes his time with the patience to make sure he is getting the full picture of the problem before starting the treatment. Mr. Sanghavi is an exceptional practitioner with an immense care for his patience. In healthcare I often feel like a product of a business, but with him I felt like he actually cared about my wellbeing. He is very personable while keeping a professional distance to his patience. Mr. Sanghavi goes above and beyond to make sure that his patients are on the way to healing. I recommend Mr. Sanghavi without any restrictions. Anyone getting his treatment can call themselves lucky to be in very good hands.

Mrs. M. Peterson Bowe Constructions, USA

I am writing on behalf of my acupuncturist Dr. Anand Sanghavi. I started seeing Dr. Sanghavi in the fall of 2019. I reached out because I had success in the past with acupuncture while visiting my mom in North Carolina. Upon meeting Dr. Sanghavi, I felt very welcomed. He is kind, attentive and very knowledgeable which put me at ease. After my first treatment, I notice results almost immediately. Because, I felt it was such beneficial treatment, I continued to go and the results continued to be cumulative; the more consistent I was at going, the better I felt. His treatments for me have included help with female hormonal issues, sleep irregularities, anxiety, and musculoskeletal pain. On all accounts, I have felt fantastic benefits due to his healing practices. Once the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, it goes without saying, it became more difficult to continue treatment. But I have gone a few times within the last 6 months. It is important to state that because of his healing abilities, I have not needed to have treatment much, which is the goal. The true testament of how a patient feels about her doctor is the fact that she takes her family to him as well. Both of my daughters and my husband are also patients of Dr. Sanghavi. They too have experienced great relief and benefit from his work. Dr. Sanghavi continue to help so many. And when I say, “so many", I have talked with other patients of his and the stories are the same, he is able to help in ways that other avenues of medicine have not. For he is the kind of individual our country greatly needs and wants him.

Mrs. Cindy B Sioux Falls, USA

I have been a patient with Mr. Anand, for several years. Mr. Anand Sanghavi is an outstanding acupuncturist and is very knowledgeable in natural healing remedies. Mr. Anand Sanghavi is devoted to the care and well being of his patients and he has helped me tremendously over the past years with several conditions preliminary related to pain and women health.

Mr. Eric.P South Dakota, USA

I have seen Dr. Sanghavi a handful of times for Acupuncture and Herbal medicine. It was my first time doing acupuncture and from the minute I walked in and met Dr. Sanghavi I felt very welcomed. My Acupuncture went well and was a success for me. Dr. Sanghavi helped me with my back and my hip. It went very well and also learned a lot from him about health in our short time together. He is very Kind and I am very glad that I was able to have him as my doctor and help us along with others.

J.Koch USA

It is my pleasure to write a review, recommending Dr. Anand Sanghavi. I have been doing acupuncture for may years. The clinic Dr. Anand worked in has had many different acupuncturists work in their clinic but he is the very best one of all till date. Those of us that are his patients have got a new light of hope in our life . He is so knowledgeable and was able to help me with whatever the problem was that even advanced western medicine in USA couldn’t provide solution with. Whoever is lucky enough to have him as a Doctor will be very fortunate.

Mrs. Sara.F South Dakota, USA

I don't usually write reviews, but Dr. Anand Sanghavi is fantastic! He is so skilled and passionate about what he does. I felt amazing healing through my very first session, and I look forward to going back for more acupuncture treatments! PTL!

Ms. M.Kaufmann Sioux Falls, USA

Anand Sanghavi did a great job and I will be back next week. Listened to my history and concerns and developed a treatment. Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.